Why Fitness Clubs, Personal Training Studios & Gyms Choose myVolo Software

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I am the managing partner of CrossFit Maximus, a large CrossFit facility in the U.S. We had been open for almost 2 years and were using a different software company to maintain our membership database & sell products. It was ok but it was NOT user friendly and there were constant errors in our reporting methods due to the difficulty of the system. They provided contact information for help, but always took a long time on hold to get through their automated system and speak to a person; sometimes we didn’t even make it that far. It was very frustrating.

A good friend of mine attended a conference where Nikki Layton was a speaker; he came back and told me that I needed to check out this great company called Volo. Within a few days Walt from Volo called me and set up a complimentary tutorial to show us what made Volo different. Walt was an A+, and by the end of the tutorial I knew Volo was the best for CrossFit Maximus.

Not only was Volo so user friendly, but it ended being cheaper for our business while giving us so many more tools to work with. Awesome!! Our staff picked it up in a couple quick tutorials and it made running our everyday business so much easier. There a very few “clicks” needed to check people in, make a retail sale, setup monthly & reoccurring payments, and run the numerous member, business, & sales reports they have available. This gave us so many avenues to manage efficiently and track every number we need to make our small business successful. If we have ever had any questions there is live support available online & when we call someone always answers on the first couple of rings. Nikki & Walt have both contacted us periodically just to see if we need anything or have any questions. Where can you get that kind of customer service now a days?!?!

I would recommend anyone in the Fitness, Boot-camp, or CrossFit industries to use Volo. It will make your business life easier so you can be spending your valuable time with your clients growing your business, not worrying about your software issues.

Thanks guys you are the BEST!

Jennifer Sharp , managing partner, CrossFit Maximus, Lexington KY

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Volo Innovations has been a great solution for my Overland Park, KS personal trainer studio for a few reasons. One, the technical support through online chat, phone calls, and web conference meetings after the sale has been very helpful. This customer service and assistance really accelerates the learning curve as a newbie or even as your business continues to grow. Two, Nikki and her staff are great at providing parameters for YOUR unique business. They went a — which is much different than most personal trainers in Overland Park, KS. Three, once you are set up and comfortable using Volo with a little practice, you will absolutely love it! Before, it was very challenging to consistently control cancellations, scheduling, and payments. Now, I can run my systems exactly how I want to — Volo automates my business and now I have peace of mind knowing my Overland Park personal training members very much respect my time as a fitness professional. Whether you are a solopreneaurer, own a personal trainer studio, or health club … if health and fitness is your passion then you really need to give Volo a shot!

Brad Hawkinson, Owner, Personal Trainer Overland, Overland Park KS


I just wanted to let you know … I am sooo happy I finally did my own Volo! It is amazing — I can track what clients have done, what they owe, who has not paid!! It's awesome!

I have already paid for it by collecting so much money from clients that we thought had paid, or slipped through our cracks. And we have only had it running for 1 month! Thanks!!!

Della Vorshuk, General Manager, INFOFIT, Vancouver BC


Being new to the world of business can be very overwhelming but I must say Volo Innovations has really made running my business that much smoother by keeping track of scheduling and booking appointments to of course handling all of the revenue details.

I would recommend Volo Innovations to anyone looking to run a business as smooth and efficiently as possible!

Joe Caldarone, Owner, Caldarone Conditioning, Powell River BC

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“Volo has been the single most impactful addition to the administration and daily operation of our Sport Conditioning Centres. We can’t imagine life without it!”

Twist Sport Conditioning, Vancouver BC

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I've been using Volo for nearly a year now and although I was bit slow in the beginning but I have truly found a product that has saved me time and LOTS of money. The customer service at Volo has been outstanding! Volo had helped me in several ways. It found so much revenue that had "slipped through" the system, it helped me manage my trainers schedules and compensations and it had given me valuable hours I would have otherwise wasted.

Billy Corbett, Owner, Billy Corbett's Retrofit Training, Denver Colorado

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I am the owner of a growing Personal Training Business in Victoria, BC. I knew right away once I started my business that I wanted an online scheduler and billing support system. I tried another company before Volo and did not have a good experience so I went searching for another one and found Volo. Right from the start my experience has been great! I love the scheduler and my time management has been greatly improved with the features of the automatic daily check ins very night. Having clients able to make their own appointments and cancellations is also a great time saver.

The billing part of the program is so great and easy to use — I would be lost without it. Having invoices automatically emailed out to clients is such a huge advantage. I must say one of the best things about Volo is their customer service. Right from the start they are there to help you as much as you need until you get the hang of the program. You never feel lost because they are so accessible and get back to you right away. They are always friendly and never make you feel inadequate for not being able to figure things out on your own. I highly recommend Volo, its simple to use, saves tons of time, makes my business totally professional and has wonderful people only too happy to help you.

Margot Duteau, Mfit Personal Training, Victoria BC

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As owners and operators of getFOCUS personal training we spend a great deal of time running our business as well as training clients and leading classes. There is no time for mistakes with booking of appointments/classes or payments and schedules. Volo has simplified everything! The software works the way I want it to. The website presents a professional image to our clients. Clients navigate the website with ease. Booking classes, with limited space ,online saves hours of phone calls and participants never show up to find there is no bike available. Also the peace of mind knowing that even if our computers crash, are stolen or damaged we have all our data backed up and accessable through the online hosted site, that is worth the cost on its on! Thank you Volo staff!

John and Raquel Petrunia, Owners, Get Focus Personal Training Studio, Trail BC

Town and Country Equestrian Logo

I started using Volo over 2 years ago for my Equestrian centre, at the time I was using pen and paper to track my business and as I got busier that just wasn’t possible. I was spending hours on the phone and responding to emails trying to make sure that the correct riders were in the correct classes and with the horse they wanted. Once I got my business set up on Volo I was able to allow my riders to go online and purchase the package they were signing up for, I could ensure that people were paying for the services that they were using and I knew exactly who should be coming into the ring at any time.

Volo has allowed me to be more organized as a business professional, the parents love it and I haven’t had to hire additional admin staff to keep my business organized!

Amelia Butler, Town and Country Equestrian, Vancouver BC

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"What Volo has done for my business and most importantly, my peace of mind, is PRICELESS! I used to accept payments via check, cash, credit card … It made me crazy because even though I had a set date for membership payments, people were always late, or they forgot, or they had half now and half next week. Do teachers, nurses or any other profession get a pay check from their employer which says, "Can I give you half next week?" Catch my drift?

I switched ALL clients over to VOLO and I am NOT a tech guru. But, VOLO has awesome customer service, they walked me through the steps and have a LIVE support feed which is priceless for me. I am a HUGE believer in customer service and being able to speak to someone when in need and VOLO does that for me. Now I can focus on training my athletes and no longer need to feel awkward reminding people for membership in front of other clients.

The focus now is on getting results for my athletes. The money comes in on auto pilot and I also earn MORE money this way because there is no such thing as late payments or "I'll pay you half now and half next week". Just like everyone else, as a Fitness Professional, we should be getting payed on time, in full, ALL the time.

If you're serious about making your fitness business more profitable and easier to manage, go with VOLO. Their customer support is priceless and this has been one of the best things I ever implemented into my business."

Zach Even - Esh / NJ, Owner, Underground Strength Gym

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Nikki Layton and Volo Innovations has been a backbone to helping my business grow. Nikki goes above and beyond to take of you as a client. Her timely replies and constant follow-ups through phone calls and emails gets the job done. Nikki truly cares and I highly recommend making Volo Innovations a part of your business!!

Rick Daman, Owner, Daman's Strength Training

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I have been the owner of All Canadian Fitness- Personal Training in Hamilton, ON since 1993. In that time, we have grown many times over and have watched the industry grow. When I started, I did all of my bookkeeping, scheduling, billing and planning on … paper! … with a pen! Incredible. As personal computers became more commonplace, I explored various programs to help become more efficient with managing our database, scheduling appointments, billing clients and even for marketing and planning. After struggling with one such program for over a year and suffering with another expensive, confusing program, I was told about Volo by a colleague of mine. When I went to the Volo site and explored the informational videos and materials I was floored by how simple everything seemed. Speaking with the amazing customer service reps confirmed that the company was the real deal. Down to earth, easy to understand and even easier to use, Volo has literally transformed the way that we do business. We are more organized, our cash flow is much better and our clients are happier. AND, we are spending less on the service than we did for the last program that almost put us out of business!

Thank you Volo … you are the best!

Ernie Schramayr, Owner All Canadian Fitness, Hamilton ON

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My original criteria for Fitness Studio software was that it be easy to use, for our trainers as well as part time front desk and back office staff. And that the vendor be available to answer questions and trouble shoot problems.

We did not have the luxury of an extended installation or learning curve. Volo's support during installation and start-up was exceptional! The Volo Team of professional's immediately understood our business so I didn't have to bring them up the learning curve as to our requirements. They provide on line training, a help desk with training videos including screen shots that illustrate step by step instructions. Their support team was available via instant on-line chat as well as by telephone for the more complicated problems (and for us technically impaired owner/operators that is critical).

Me and my staff have taken advantage of Volo support on numerous occassions, and they must never sleep because there has always been someone available when we needed immediate answers!!

As our business grew, our need expanded and when we needed custom tweaks and education on how to provide for changes in our business, they have been quick to react, saving us considerable time and money.

I highly recommend Volo and would not like to do without them!

Pat Bennett, Owner, Fitness 360, Stockton CAM

Groundworks Athletics - Troy Dalton

"Volo has been an invaluable tool to keep our business organized and efficient. The scheduling function is ideal for our staff to book and change appointments in real time. As a manager, the invoicing features have reduced my time spent at month end by 50% and the administration reports allow me to keep a handle on where our business is at currently and what we need to plan for. I highly recommend Volo to anyone in the training business!"

Troy Dalton, Owner Groundwork Athletics, Vancouver BC

Carmen Bott

At Human Motion, our successful business model boils down to three key elements:

  1. Exceeding our customers expectations
  2. Allowing our consulting team the freedom to execute their skill-set
  3. Having core operating systems in place that are simple to use and reliable

Volo not only tackles, but exceeds each of these elements. Our customers do not have to worry about their billing; it is taken care of. Volo also allows my team of consultants to book appointments, look after contracts and establish new business which is equals growth for Human Motion. Furthermore, Volo as a ‘system' takes the guesswork out of scheduling and billing; it virtually eliminates the need for office administration. The software allows us to administrate classes, one on one training, athlete testing, courses and workshops. It serves our every need! Volo is the missing piece of "earning potential" for all fitness businesses as it allows you to work ON your business, more often than IN your business.

Carmen Bott, President, http://www.humanmotion.ca, Vancouver BC


I can't say enough about the software package Volo Innovations has put together. This system has integrated my scheduling with my Quickbooks accounting which has saved me over four hours per month creating invoices. My clients love the automated reminders which I have full control of — definitely has added value to my clients while saving me time. I feel like I have already seen so many benefits, yet I am just starting to scratch the surface of Volo's capabilities. Special thanks to Nikki for her great customer service — I feel confident knowing I have such great support when I need it.

Maria Mountain, Revolution Sport Conditioning, London Ont

Body Basics Bootcamps Logo

As a personal trainer and fitness coach, I work with many people and help them improve their health. Well here's a health tip for you. If you want to sleep better, one thing you need to do is sign up for Volo!

The biggest challenge I faced in my fitness business was revenue flow. With Volo, I am now able to offer my customers various price points and options that is now completely automated. Yes, I sleep like a baby knowing that every month I am generating income from through automated billing. In addition, I am freed up to work on other aspects of my business.

I set up my account and I was up and running in no time. If I need help, the staff at Volo is very accessible, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I couldn't be happier. This is a no brainer. Sign up for Volo, increase your revenue, sleep great.

Larry Wasserman, Owner / Fitness Director, Body Basics Boot Camps, Warren NJ

The Maker's Body Logo

I am REALLY pleased with Volo and how it has made my business SO MUCH easier and smoother. It has taken a lot of stress away in regards to following up with clients to bring cheques in etc. And Nikki has been an amazing face to Volo, if you know what I mean. She honestly makes the service sell as she has such an easy way about yourself and is very patience and willing to bend over backwards to help whenever it is needed. The way she operates speaks volumes of the service! Volo has saved me volumes of time and has helped me make a lot more money. Thanks Nikki and Volo.

Tyron Piteau, Owner, The Maker's Body, North Vancouver BC

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Volo has made my billing and scheduling a breeze. Everything is tracked, and if a client needs to change his/her schedule, he/she does it online. It's a perfect fit for me, and the automated billing eases my mind knowing I'm not chasing money! Thanks for your help, and for offering a much needed service for independent personal trainers.

Kurt Rawlins, Owner, Kurt Rawlins Fitness, Chicago IL

Charlene Carroll

I am the owner of Dexterity Fitness, and my company's motto is to "train smarter, then harder." Thanks to Volo, I now "work smarter so I can train harder!" As trainers we enjoy working with people, not paper. And Volo gives us more time to do just that. Professional Service: My new clients get an introductory email from Volo welcoming them and confirming their first appointment — making a great first impression. Solid Business Practices: Volo shows my current clients a record of how many sessions they have completed, their invoices, and their upcoming schedule.

Save Time: I can quickly scan my sales, member information, and schedule, which means I have more time to train! Why Volo? I researched 3 different companies offering similar models, and Volo has the best service at the best price. Their friendly support was incredible and made set-up so easy with their live support. Sometimes in business you have to spend money to make money, and this was definitely money well spent.

Charlene Carroll, Owner, Dexterity Fitness, Toronto ON

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